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As MMI Group, we are open to new business partnerships in order to expand our services by conducting business with Investment Banks, Private Equity Funds, RE Consultancy Groups, Investors worldwide.

We expect to build a long-term business partnership at a professional level.
Our goal is to provide suitable, profitable financing to domestic businesses, create joint venture.

We are also looking to present, growing businesses who are in the need of funding, real estate investment opportunities to international investor groups.

Business opportunities offered by MMI Group are

  • We can provide a wide range of businesses to IBs, PEs, investors etc.
  • Energy investment opportunities are offered to investors.
  • M&A, Buyout, Joint Venture, Venture Capital opportunities.
  • All types of Residential and Commercial properties are offered to International Consultancy Firms who are seeking profitable investments for their clients.
  • We can offer Project Financing opportunities to investors.